Daisy Partner Business is a brand underneath the Daisy Comms umbrella that focuses on building partnerships with other telecoms providers in order to spread Daisy's offerings to a wider base. 

Towards the end of 2020, I rebranded Daisy Partner Business in order to elevate the look and feel to be more targeted towards potential business partners.
About the Brand
One word came to mind when designing the new brand: slick. Although the Daisy icon and the logo font (DIN) were immutable, I had free reign in using those elements to create a new logo. For an exclusive feel, I chose to substitute the original navy blue of the Daisy Comms logo for a deep black. 

To ensure consistency with the main Daisy brand, the logo sits on the right in the primary position; however, a left-sided application, as well as a centred version for social media, were needed as well.

A unique challenge to consider was whitelabeling. Our partners have expressed interest in using a graphic to indicate that they were indeed partnered with Daisy Partner Business. 
Bringing the Brand to Life

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