jpg is jenny procida-galea, a transatlantic graphic designer and cat lady extraordinaire currently based in liverpool, uk.
Jenny's design journey began in Boston, MA, USA, when she discovered her passion for "making things look pretty on the computer." Once she realised that thing was called graphic design, she enrolled at Suffolk University to complete her Masters in Graphic Design, which she completed in 2011.
Over the next nine years, Jenny went on to work in in-house, agency, and freelance environments, eager to bring her touches of whimsy, bold visions, and love of a good grid system to everything she encountered.
Today, she manages all things design at Daisy Communications by day, and by night, she delves into the worlds of music and film, bringing her boundless expertise with her.
Of course, she is not merely a design robot. Jenny has a passion for rescuing senior cats, all things sartorial, and of course, her beloved espresso machine.
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